child custody california

Divorce brings a myriad of challenges, especially when children are involved. California parents exploring custody arrangements may come across the innovative concept of birdnesting. In this arrangement, the marital home remains the constant residence for children, while parents take turns living there during their custody periods. While birdnesting has garnered attention for its potential benefits, it's crucial to examine both sides of the coin.


  • Stability for your children – The primary allure of birdnesting lies in providing a stable environment for children amidst the turbulence of divorce. The familiar surroundings of the marital home can help minimize the emotional impact the breakup may have on children of the marriage.

  • Reduced disruption to daily life – Unlike traditional custody arrangements involving multiple households, birdnesting minimizes the disruption in children's lives. They remain in the same home, preserving their routines and connections.

  • Cooperative co-parenting – This custody arrangement necessitates a high level of cooperation between ex-spouses. This can foster a healthier co-parenting dynamic as both parents must communicate effectively and coordinate their schedules.


  • Financial strain – A significant drawback of birdnesting is the financial burden. Parents not only need to cover the expenses of maintaining the marital home, including mortgage payments and utilities, but they also must secure an additional residence for themselves during non-custodial periods.

  • Limited independence – Going in and out of the marital home might limit each parent’s ability to move forward with their lives independently.

  • Logistical challenges – Coordinating schedules and transitions between parents can be challenging. As children grow older and have more commitments, managing the logistics becomes increasingly complex.

While birdnesting custody offers advantages in terms of stability and cooperative parenting, it also comes with significant hurdles. If you are considering this type of arrangement, you must weigh the benefits against the drawbacks and consider your own circumstances before committing to it. An experienced child custody attorney can help you go over your options.

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