Elder Law Attorneys Helping With Medicaid Planning and Other Needs for Elderly Clients in Fairfield-Suisun and Vallejo

What is elder law?

The field known as elder law comprises all legal, financial, healthcare and social matters pertaining to the elderly, such as estate planning, long-term care and Medicaid planning, guardianship and advocacy/litigation. At the law firm of Favaro, Lavezzo, Gill, Caretti & Heppell, PC, we work with families to arrange for the future — for circumstances foreseen and unforeseen. With help from our elder law attorneys, you can make the difficult decisions pertaining to your life and the future of your loved ones now, instead of waiting until it is too late. Planning ahead is more than a courtesy to your family — it is a responsibility.

Our services

At Favaro, Lavezzo, Gill, Caretti & Heppell, PC, we provide the following services for elderly clients and their families:

  • Estate planning Our lawyers help clients develop wills, trusts and other necessary documents that are directives in how to manage health care, and distribute assets after their death if and when they are unable to make those decisions independently. Typically, these documents include the following:

  • Will
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Directive
  • Community Property Agreement
  • Generation-skipping Trust
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trust
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Charitable Trust(s)

  • Healthcare and Medicaid planning — We work with clients to arrange long-term healthcare services. We’ll help you qualify for Federal Medicaid benefits, as well as for Medi-Cal services that can pay for your nursing home costs. We can even help organize In-Home Health Support Services (IHHSS). Because we are also skilled estate planning attorneys, we understand how to arrange for your long-term care without forcing you to deplete your estate.
  • Establishing conservatorships — Conservatorships, sometimes known as guardianships, are legal arrangements that allow one or more conservators to make important financial and health-related decisions for their elderly loved ones who suffer from mental incapacity.
  • Probate — We help elderly clients prepare their assets for the probate process, or even advise them on how to avoid probate when possible and ensure that their beneficiaries receive their inheritance as quickly and with as few fees as possible.
  • Elder abuse litigation — The elderly are a particularly vulnerable demographic. Unfortunately, these individuals are sometimes subject to financial exploitation (elder fraud), nursing home neglect and other types of elder abuse. When your loved one is taken advantage of, our lawyers help you pursue justice in court.

Choose a lawyer who understands Medicaid planning and other elder law matters

Whether you need help planning an estate, arranging to receive Medi-Cal benefits, establishing a conservatorship or initiating elder abuse litigation, the law firm of Favaro, Lavezzo, Gill, Caretti & Heppell, PC has the experience and resources you need. Call us at 707-552-3630 or contact our attorneys online to learn more about our elder law services.

Our lawyers accommodate clients in whatever ways possible. We maintain flexible hours and schedule appointments outside the normal workday when needed. Members of our staff speak Spanish, Tagalog and Ilocano. With offices located in Vallejo and Fairfield-Suisun, we are easily accessible throughout Solano, Contra Costa and Napa Counties in Northern California.