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Most car, truck and motorcycle accidents are completely preventable. Collisions caused by negligence consistently make up the lion’s share of serious motor vehicle crashes, producing injuries that range from the minor (such as broken bones and bruises) to the severe (e.g., internal bleeding, brain trauma or spinal damage). Thus, victims of a driver’s careless action or inaction are often saddled with vehicle repair bills, extensive medical costs, physical pain and psychological trauma. At Favaro, Lavezzo, Gill, Caretti & Heppell, PC, our California auto accident attorneys work with clients to recover the compensation to which they are entitled. When accident victims suffer undue financial hardship, we aggressively pursue the relief they deserve. Our firm has offices in Vallejo and Fairfield-Suisun to serve clients across Solano, Contra Costa and Napa counties.

Potential defendants in auto accident cases

In California, there were 3,316 fatal crashes in which 3,606 people perished. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that 30 percent of drivers who died in fatal crashes had illegally high blood alcohol content. Drunk driving is just one factor in crashes that cause serious harm. Injured parties can file personal injury lawsuits against the negligent party who caused the accident, whether that is another driver, an automobile manufacturer or the public entity responsible for maintaining the roads. Family members have the right to file injury lawsuits on behalf of incapacitated loved ones as well as wrongful death lawsuits when their loved ones suffer fatal injuries.

Car accidents by the numbers in Fairfield-Suisun and Vallejo

According to 2018 statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were 539 traffic collisions in Fairfield-Suisun that caused injury or death to someone. Of the victims, 34 were pedestrians. Sixty-two crashes were alcohol-related and 97 involved a vehicle traveling over the speed over the limit. Meanwhile, Vallejo reported 516 persons killed or injured vehicle crashes, 39 of whom were pedestrians. Of those crashes, 62 involved alcohol and 79 involved excessive speed.

Common causes of auto accidents in Solano County

Although single-vehicle crashes are often the driver’s fault, other factors such as a mechanical defect or poor road conditions may enable the injured party to sue for damages.

When a two-car or multi-vehicle collision occurs, the leading cause is driver negligence, which can include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Failing to yield right of way
  • Running a stop sign or red signal
  • Illegally passing
  • Making an abrupt lane change without signaling
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Tailgating
  • Drifting into another lane or into oncoming traffic

When negligent driving causes an accident, the victims are entitled to compensation, but must first prove the driver was at fault. Your best ally is an experienced personal injury lawyer, who can investigate the crash and assemble the evidence necessary to build a compelling case. Our attorneys have represented victims of numerous car crashes, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Our firm has a strong record of success in settlement negotiations and at trial. We are ready to help you pursue the full measure of compensation you deserve.

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