Employment Law Attorneys in Vallejo and Fairfield-Suisun

What is employment law?

At the law firm of Favaro, Lavezzo, Gill, Caretti & Heppell, PC, our lawyers represent employers, employees, unions and other entities in a wide range of issues relating to employment and workers’ rights. Employment laws— sometimes known as labor laws— exist to offer workers certain protections from exploitation. Employment law issues typically arise when workers feel unprotected or exploited and are concerned about dangerous or unhealthy workplace conditions, unreasonable hours or responsibilities, their treatment by coworkers or injuries they suffer while on-the-job. Our attorneys work with clients, helping them take appropriate legal action to address their issues through litigation, communication facilitation and other mechanisms.

Handling a wide range of labor law issues

From our offices in Fairfield-Suisun and Vallejo, we advise clients on a breadth of matters relating to workers’ rights. Our scope of practice on these issues encompasses the following:

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Disability discrimination
  • EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) claims
  • Employer representation
  • Employment agreements
  • Employment discrimination
  • Executive and professional employment counseling
  • Exempt and non-exempt employee matters
  • Family and medical leave
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Overtime pay
  • Privacy rights
  • Restrictive covenant agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Sex discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual orientation discrimination
  • Unemployment compensation claims
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Wrongful discharge

Do you need help from an employment lawyer?

Whether you’re an employee who has been victimized or an employer fighting bogus charges, our law firm has the resources to support you legally. While it is by no means a comprehensive list, some examples of situations that may require help from a labor law attorney include the following:

  • You were fired unjustly
  • Your opportunities for advancement in your company have been limited due to your sex, gender, religion or sexual orientation
  • You’ve been repeatedly harassed in the workplace, despite taking measures to notify human resources and the offending individual(s)
  • You’re involved in a dispute with a coworker, superior or client
  • You’re not being paid the wages you’re owed
  • You’ve been asked to sign an agreement or contract you do not understand
  • Your employer, employee or former employee threatens legal action against you or your company
  • Other issues involving criminal or civil litigation

Resolve your employment law matter or dispute today

When a legal issue relating to employment arises, the attorneys of Favaro, Lavezzo, Gill, Caretti & Heppell, PC can help you initiate action and support you throughout all proceedings. Contact our law firm at 707-552-3630 or online to learn more about our employment law services.

Our clients are our number one priority. We keep offices in Vallejo and Fairfield-Suisun to serve the communities of Solano, Napa and Contra Costa Counties. Our lawyers maintain flexible schedules and arrange appointments at clients’ convenience — including outside normal workday hours. Due to our diverse client base, we offer language services in Spanish, Tagalog and Ilocano.